After the successful installation of SAP in your business ecosystem, there are chances of some changes to occur in your ecosystem. This may include integration of new components and business scenarios, client Development etc. To maintain a strategic distance from basic business failures, quality confirmation should be in accordance with how the business runs, and testing needs to concentrate on end-to-end business forms. The whole business process needed to be tested apart from the codes to ensure the proper working of the software.

Well trained SAP testers of EME can carry out this process time to time, very efficiently. We have a dedicated team of testers in order to make sure the following whole testing process are executed well in your ERP system.

User Acceptance Testing is used to confirm that the test cases needed to run using the acceptance test environment, to ensure that the acceptance tests are suitable for management, users of the system and computer operations & execute the User Acceptance Test. This will be done by the actual users in the presence of the developer/tester.
Integration Testing is the satisfactory execution of processes. This phase of testing ensures that the SAP software functions correctly, system configuration tables are set up correctly, programs run correctly, and system outputs are reliable. In this testing testers will design tests to break the integration functionality to test make sure the integration functionality is working fine.
Unit Testing addresses the informal testing of individual FRICE Objects such as forms, interfaces, reports, enhancements, and conversions.
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