SAP Audits automates the auditing work in an enterprise with SAP Audit Management tool.

With SAP auditing, the auditing work can be done more efficiently and strategically.

For any organisation, auditing its transactions and works at regular intervals is an important step towards self-improvement. EME helps you getting this cumbersome task done with the help of SAP. To audit the financial accounts and other operations in your enterprise, SAP audits is the best choice. SAP auditing allows auditors to take a strategic and advisory role by automating the auditing task. Audits of premium standard are important as cases of corporate data breaches and security breaches are becoming increasingly common. With many sophisticated features like SAP Risk Management and SAP Fraud Management, SAP Auditing is the best solution you can think of. SAP audits allows for auditing taking in account the government rules and norms. The auditing from highest level to lowest level can be done by SAP. Identifying the risk factors in the system and addressing them appropriately is an important step. The growth of an organisation highly relies on its compliance with world standards in operations management and security. Skilled professionals are mandatory for fulfilling the compliance requirement.

SAP Audit Management is the SAP module used for performing auditing work. SAP Audit Management leverages the power of SAP HANA to give effective real-time results. SAP auditing has option for integrating SAP Audit Management with other SAP modules. By interlinking with other SAP modules of ERP, auditing is made easier as well as professional. Deeper insights can be made by real-time audit analytics. Compliance deals with identifying the system risks associated with government rules and norms. SAP Compliance Solutions helps you in easily identifying the troubles or risks in the system and mending it easily.

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