EME is redefining the world of education through e-learning with a wide range of high-quality content and optional live access to training systems from SAP enables the fresh graduates to be industry ready and billable. EME has taken IT training into a new dimension by bringing SAP training to the college/ university sphere at an affordable cost. Classroom training is being delivered along with the e-learning module to facilitate the best support. EME provides a platform for educational institutions to be get into associate with a World Leader Brand like SAP

SAP Learning Hub for Colleges & Students – on demand

SAP Learning Hub is an e- learning portal that provides students with access to a comprehensive range of content on SAP solutions. Through SAP Learning Hub students can improve their skill set which will make them industry ready people and enhance their employability. SAP Learning Hub as enabling through cloud, the student be able to learn when and where they choose. The hub offers a personalized environment with user-specific data and a learning history linked to students’ login information. Hub also providing selected social learning spaces called learning rooms.

sap learninghub for colleges

Now you can get Instant online access is provided by the popular portal SAP Learning Hub, Student Edition to have the latest training materials accessed targeting their specific requirements. The students are not required to travel or schedule the training sessions. Rather, they have much better access to knowledge in vast amounts, with regards to SAP solutions.

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Are you a registered student, eager to have a SAP career, establishment using SAP or any of the partner organizations of SAP?

Now get a competitive advantage by learning SAP just like the SAP professionals through SAP Learning Hub, student edition.




To subscribe to the Learning Hub Student Edition, speak to your professor or lecturer to request that your university, college, or higher education organisation makes the SAP Learning Hub, Student Edition available to students. Your university, college or higher education organisation can contact us to find out the process for students to subscribe to Students Learning Hub.

Current data from Central Michigan University Career Services shows that nearly 93% of College of Business Administration graduates are employed immediately following graduation.

To date, many graduates with specialized SAP instruction have received multiple employment offers with such international companies. Due to their extensive knowledge about SAP, many undergraduate students who chose to perform internships are asked to join a company’s SAP team even before they graduate

SAP Dongle & Site License

A server application that colleges are licensed to deploy within the network of the University / College. Client content packages on a dongle that permit content to be accessed by the users within the network. A fixed number of Client Access Licenses that are used for each individual installation of the content package.

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